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in early 2,007 frightened mostly of gym and the prospects of getting anything through the task force and i think it has short-of bin been this unholy alliance and now it has been a really great partnership for a number of years now between this project and the task force. we, in 2,000 sen had an opportunity to work with a class from san louis owe business poe to look at the potential development of the site and what it can mean for the community and that can lead to a lot of dissipate views from arch stone and and then we spent the last five years reiterating on site plan design and et cetera and that culminated on the conditional use application that we
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submitted to you in december. with many iterations even after that. i went back and sort-of looked at the number of meetings that i had attended for this project and it actually was over 120 task force and community meeting and whoever said it was 100 meetings was wrong it was more than that it was actually closer to 150. so, you know what you have on the screen are some of the key objectives that we pulled out but if i were to summarize it as a domier and what i heard the task force say and what i try to live by is the notion that we needed to respect who came before us, particularly as it related to uses on the ground and also the ally system but i also think hat task force recognized that the area isn't perfect and especially in the
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areas of open space and certain other elements with respect to pedestrian satisfactory and the treatment of the pedestrianian specially on some of the major affairs and harrison there is more work to be done and i think what they tried to do is capture a lot of those ideas in the zoning for this parcel which is the m u g zonings and they recognized that in order to get a lot of what they wanted in terms of community benefit out of this project is give something and in this case the give is the height increasing to 65 feet. so, our contribution to the plan overall, i have tied to put more of the important plans on there and very early on, tare rennes allen told us
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that if you can take all of western gnoma and put it in a bleeped deer and power it in an r and r site, that that is what he would like too see happen. and so, i think what he meant was that, i should make sure that i'm not introducing complicate into the ally ways because that was happening a lot and so we tried to be very careful about what we did along gordon and along winkle and mark solomon for those of you who remember him told us in a subtle way that wanted to see trees grow higher and -- talked about art space often and quickly in the way that he does and the
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point and we have tried to be responsive and finally to by who's an architect makes sure that the sight lines and if you were introducing different heights into the buildings the floor plates would basically line up and train your eye and so we tried to introduce different heights in the individual buildings so that your eyes sort-of have something interesting to look at. so all of that has led to the project that cava is going to talk to you about and explain in more detail design but basically, this is a 410 home home development, we have the affordable units on site. there is about 40,000 or so square feed feet of open space which, is conclusive of a new public park on the corner of wrinkle
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and we have a fix mix of comcial uses including one stand alone office building is sort of the definition of what they wanted on the big site in terms of milked. uses in instead of milk mixed use and with respect to parking we have parking for conventional cars, electrical cars, car share and bikes, and there was a comment earlier approximate about us not providing parking which we are and the park is under ground which allows us to create a permeable space under crowned and the only place we don't have parking under ground is the park. my understanding is that we have 15 minutes on --. >> that is my understanding as well. so i'm going to turn it over to [name?] who's going to walk you through the design and
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thank you very much for your time. >> good evening commissioners. >> student: i'm the architect for the project and gym is my partner in the office on this project and he is a landscape project who has been working on the project also. and so may be i can just jump into the -- and make your evening more pleasant and shorter by making going through this quicker we have also been here through 12:00 o'clock when you guys start. so if i can get to the personal propertytation please to the presentation please. >> just for the benefit of the
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public, sfgtv controls that i can but they requested that i do not . >> thank you i'm sorry for giving you a dirt fee look -- [laughter]. >> so the key point that i wanted to go over tonight is the of the that within the into citing these buildings to feel comfortable in their setting and allow the some of the network of cities and allies to penetrate lieu and in essence make the building a good neighborhood to where the area it sits in. as you can see with these arrows permeability was a huge sort of an issue that was brought up and as you can see, you have close to a dozen different ways to get through the building and through
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the site. the -- i don't even if this is going to work it's not. the upper right-hand corner of the eight and wrinkle is the part that sits on dirt to parking under it. this is the landscape drawing that get a little washed out on the screen, but we followed the street program that sort-of requires a number of trees and so on and the middle of the building the side has a nice garden in the highlighted and there is a loop road, we call it a loop ally and allows cars and pedestrians public -- to actually go through the entire site. this is a really important drawing that the plan that shows the ground floor and how it interacts with
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the areas around it these colors are not so easy to see either but these sites and this bright orange on the edges total right and bottom are the commercial spaces. retail. the floor to floor height on the retail is 17 feet and so it's more of a traditional retail that can be viable and so it goes all the way through to the loop alworry and it doesn't stop so there is actually glass on the other side and there is ways to load and unload off of the loop. the shawler unit on the left hand side are off of gordon and those are the pd r unit and there is a bunch of flex units on top that are also go through all the way through from the gordon the ally to the interior of the loop ally. . the second -- actually the this is the fourth
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floor where you skip the second and third and again this is hard to see but the buildings on both allies actually sit back by on the third floor and so the upper two tbloors are the two rows of buildings that are set back by about 15 feet and as you can see they zap when disappear when you get to the fourth floor and so i'm going to go lieu and show you the public side and then show you the renderings that you have not seen as part of your package. am i go. >> instructor: can i keep going okay. >> they cut me off though. if you can finish pretty quickly. >> so the two allies have reds terrible look and the two bigger
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streets on harrison and eight tried to be good related buildings to the south of market and so those were -- and i think that where the rubber hits the road are these images where you see the buildings within the context of the neighborhood. and now, they fit fairly comfortably when we show this to the task force there was a nod of approval as to how well they fit in the market-kind off buildings. we also set a couple of buildings a little differently up so that it was not entirely all derivative of what was there and the cafe that is going to open on to the park at the corner of ring gold and eight and at night, sort-of a shot that shows the connection to the neighborhood, and then, finally, this image that shows the
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building until the biggest setting of the iset city itself and how it appeals to whoever has seen it so far phenes it has a comfortable fit to this area. >> thank you. >> staff is there any further presentations? that is it. >> okay we will open it up to public comment. >> i have two cards manual fluoresce and gilbert deanza.. >> good evening chairman and foal low commissioners happy holidays to everyone i just have to say its become a throwing with our office and with the community and he has been part
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of us and has worked with us and i can remember right down the street from the she'll station, when that building was being built quite some time ago and so it has kind off been a voided for a while for quite some time but it's nice to see something coming back there and to jog my memory we are in full support of the project our office and we would like to give you an approval on the conditional use. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good evening commissioners i'm with the carpenters you know as well and imi was looking at the project as well and i'm excited that the project goes forward it's a beautiful project and it's needed in the community and we spoke with the community in 120 meetings and so, we are home hoping that you push this
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project forward. thank you very much happy holidays. thank you good evening commissioners tim colon on behalf of the housing coalition and i can tell you how much we love the probability we have been following it for ages and it exemplifies all of the guidelines that we endorse for project but that is besides the point i would like to follow up with something a mire said and i had been going to all of the task force meetings and there was not one that he he was sitting in on and the outreach and input he has gotten from community i'm not aware of anything similar in my experience and it's unpresident dent and i think for the years that he spent sitting in the task force meetings that you a
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alone he has earn the endorsement of this probability and it has received more community outreach than ever before so please approve it. >> any further public comments? commissioners i support your support of the probability a mere has actively engaged the site and i appreciate -- [inaudible] and the community and developers are frequently at odds and a mere's part to engage our community is grateful appreciate and had this project is going to happen and in it's current form, we have met the concerns and this is one of the sites that we have seen art supplying for large enough and the planning commission approved it on a city wide endeavor with the supervisors and i would like to
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give kudos david chew and theirs the last at some point i go ahead get to tell you the purple building is a resource we will be loosing that and proposition c limiting the addition of affordable housing that is going to effect thing with the western sonoma plan and so that is unfortunate that, that, path was taken but this is a good project and encourage it.. >> that your commissioners gym meek cofrom south of market and funny finding myself here supporting the recommendation of tim colon and i think serve on board supporting it project it was a unique situation when sandy miller and her class of architecture of students from
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cal polly were working with task force before still came on the pictures and they had been assigned this very same parking lot and they were created what kind of uses could go there and that is where the whole concept of a mix of uses came from. planning department in these initial meetings had great difficulty wrapping their head around what we were trying to do because the traditional way of thinking has always been dropping some -- in somebody's neighborhood and calling it mixed use this is sen or eight buildings i can never keep track televise and each with it's own use we told the planners come town to the neighborhood and look at what we are talking about and i think the picture
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that he showed you of the surrounding neighborhood and how this fits in talk about it so well and it will not only fit into the community month grow into the anybody as well and some may age and some may loose their usefulness and not last as long as other and is they may be replaced whatever the needs might be five, ten and 15 or 20 years from mow and what i want to say more than anything else is how much i appreciate the time that a mere and cava and arch stone spent [spelling?] working and this sets the standard throughout development sites throughout western south of heart attack and they are going to have to fight really hard to live up to what arch stone here has presented. >> thank you any further public comment?
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seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner antonini. i agree with gym meek coand i'm impressed with the individualization of the buildings and break it up and makes it look like anything else we have seen and i like the industrial elements on exterior and how they support the building and they do have a feel that they block belong to the south of mark and a couple of thing that i would improve upon and continue to work on staff upon is the design on the larger streets and take some clues from the industrial buildings and urn sonoma and the the strength of the corner and is the visual large windows with a lattice
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exterior which we see so often on garage and is industrial buildings there and also the use of arduouses is often what you see in those areas and those are element that is we will be able to put in which will further individualize the buildings and if we had a few of those elements in their own genre that would be great and i'm not sure that i like the color of the one that has red or pink on the outside but that is something that can be worked on as we move forward. >> commissioner sagaa. >> i really like the concept here and it's not quite like president seeddo tare reticular activating system where feinstein lives but this is better because it's mixed use
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and you know, as everybody has said it really epitomizes south of market and sonoma and i think this is one of the reasons that we we want ahead and today adopted the plan ahead of this, i assume going to be approval and i think it points out to the nay sayers and people who may have had issues with the western sonoma plan that it -- this kind of project expemplefies what can be done and i think that, i realize that this was a vacate site and didn't have buildings on it but, i think in terms of any kind of rehabilitation project and another infield project on smaller lots, they will be a challenge but they realize that in working with the community and creative designers with them they can indeed work within the parameters of the plan. i do have two questions
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those one it was mentioned that the central open space area where there are going to be tree and is that kind of of thing there was not going to to be parking underneath because there is pork parking underneath, there is parking under the park, i notice but the parking plan, you have parking. >> actually there is parking under the entire side accept where the park sit on the corner so it's the park not the central open space, correct. okay sorry my mistake and then a question to arch stone it was reported in the paper this week that you are being purchased and so my question is are you intending to carry out the project or may be you cannot answer the question because the sale hasn't been
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finalized or anything i'm just -- not worried but --. >> well as long as we are involved we are going to push forward and when the new owner takes over they are associating a certain value with arch stone and big project like this is one of them and so we have no reason to believe that they would not push it forward. and i'm that a long time ago we had a presentation like this and i don't think that the insertion would change and there has been refinements done and it has increased in height a little bit and i really like this probability so .... >> commissioner martin, i would like to acknowledge the project by making a motion to approve and i would like to further comment on the exceptional occasion that the strength of the plan is immediately manifest in the building which, is applying for
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permission under those subtle points right on the head particularly not doing the project and breaking it down into a smaller development which, is a strong signature of the area and what i see there are 11 plings in there not eight. and i'm unless i'm not counting properly and i think it's a remarkable project dealing with two major streets and creating a signature of buildings which address the ally or the replication of the ally system and i would like the dedication of open space and all in all it's just a remarkable plodge and i hope for arch stone to stay in the driver seat. thank you i'll make a couple of comments this seems like a project of surprising partnership and so i find myself in the situation is that doesn't
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usually happen that i actually agree with commissioner antonini about the time but, that said, i'm hasn'tenned to hear about the community process that went into it and i think that tramples my opinion and so very supportive and thank you. >> commissioners there is a motion and a second to approve with conditions antonini. aye. >> borden aye, moore aye, sag guya and commissioner chair wu aye, that motion passes napsly with what is left of commission five to zero and places you under item 2014 953 c and 300 -- avenue and question for authorization. >> good evening the item
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before you today is for 300 south avenue and located on the 14th corner of 14let street and the property is for urban use and 58 -- the prompt today is for the new construction of a 50-foot tall 20,000 square foot automotive retail sales building for royal motor and is will it will be sughed as odd dedealership and so any use of our over 4,000 square feet requires an conditional use permanent and the building is for retail sales only no servicing or mechanical work done on premises that will be done at another locate unthe street and gnats there are not going to be any large loading sites on the they will be loaded and brought up to the building there will noting be a lot of
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cars on this building and approximately 15 cars stories stored on the roof and top note that zoning administrator has noted that the project qualifies for a none on intaition spags and the project sponsor will be paying a enmove fee and lastly since the pact went out last week we have received 12 letters of support and the concern by neighbors is the height of the building and we have been work with the probability sponsor for over a year and focusing on the store front and the height of the building and it originally came in at 58 feet and at our suggestion as well as meeting with the community they have lowered it to 50 feet and so we do recommend approval of the project and the use has been automotive retail sales for decades and it will continue and the project will reveal the use
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as well as acknowledges the industrial character of the neighborhood and it -- the neighborhood has a neighborhood historically featured a large -- it was reduced in height in response to the comment in the neighborhood and lastly it's a design that is desirable and compatible with the city i'm going to turn this over to the project sponsor and he will make a few words. good evening commissionerses project sponsor of royal motors and we are proud to propose to you a local family auto owned dealership growing in the city and this is at the southwest corner of 14th street and i would like to hand it over to andy hansen with royal
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motors. >> hi i'll try try to make this quick i have been doing business in the district for seven decades my grandfather opened up a repair shop in the 30ing and when he was 15 he came to look for work in the golden gate bridge and started sweeping floored floors in a body shop and he learned to fix cars and then acquired the volunteer sorrow frarch frarches in 19 fix and my dad received a,phd in economics at imerkally and grew the dealership for over 100 employee and is i came to the dealership five year ago and employ more than 150 employee and is i'm proud of being in the neighbor for seven decades and we have been engaged in the

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